Quality & Environment


CARTOUCH is dedicated to the design, manufacture and sale of tubes, bushings, packagings, and cardboard and paper cut, having a vast track record and being positioned among the leading companies in the market.

The professionalism of our resources allows a greater efficiency in the management, in the attention to our customers, and in the long-term relationship with suppliers.

CARTOUCH considers as essential values the personalized attention, the comprehensive solution to the entire value chain and the team work based on the continuous improvement of our processes.

Our quality management system has been evaluated and certified for compliance with the ISO 9001-2015 standard and also with the FSC standard for the production of reams, sorbets and medical paper supplies.

Consequently, we are committed to:

• Train our human resources on a permanent basis, supplying them the elements and the conditions necessary for the professional development.

• Create strategic alliances with out suppliers and customers to develop more and better business opportunities.

• Provide products and services which meet our customers’ needs.

• Promote production activities which do not generate wastes or emissions using technology financially feasible to implement and contributing to the conservation and development of the environment.

• Maintain a sustained growth in the market participation..

• The permanent innovation and improvement of these ideas, including our current and future customers will make possible a sustained growth of our management



Certification FSC & SGS

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